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Testing Casino Software

In order to acquire their licenses to operate legally, all online casinos must submit their game software to independent testing agencies. These agencies like the Technical System Testing facility verify that all online casino games are fair, legitimate, and of the highest quality.

Standards across the Board

While not every online casino uses TST to evaluate their games, they all must ensure that even their free casino software meets the minimum standards set by jurisdictional certification boards. In order to maintain their licenses and to retain legal status to operate on the internet, all casinos must submit to regular testing of all of their games. If any game is evaluated as insufficiently random or displays any evidence of bias or unfairness, the online casino could lose their license and be pulled offline.

Security and Fairness

The main things that most testing companies look for in evaluating online casino software are security and fairness. First, the customer's sensitive financial and personal information must be handled with the latest in security, protecting customers from fraud and theft. Second, the games must all be fair. This means their random number generators must be operating at peak efficiency, but also that the games pay out at regular intervals. Slots games should pay out a good 75-90% of every dollar they take in, and blackjack should not always be dominated by the house.

Only those casinos that have submitted all of their games for such testing should be trusted with players' money. If a casino fails in this regard, players should take their business elsewhere.