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Understanding Casino Call Bets

Players come across many terms in casinos these days, and call bets are no exception. These bets received their names because players were once required to call their bets out vocally instead of laying them out on the table.

Call Bets and Credit Gambling

Although call bets used to be the primary way for people to place their wagers, this has changed in recent years and is even outlawed in US and UK casinos due to abuse. This is because players would call out bets without enough money or chips to substantiate them, leading to loss of gambling privileges and even the reported closure of one small casino. There are some online venues that still allow this, as the technology associated with them can essentially read the amount of money in player accounts.

Call Bets vs. Announced Bets

The opposite of a call bet is known as an announced bet; this occurs when a player physically lays their money or chips out on the table. Players may also verbalize their wager amounts, but this is no longer necessary in most casinos. The French version of the announced bet is known as 'voisins du zero' and the German name is 'zero spiel'. Avid gamblers should familiarize themselves with the basic types of announced bets.

Roulette and Call Bets

Call bets are most often associated with the roulette table, and many French establishments still allow and even encourage the practice. Though announced bets are never frowned upon, many players enjoy the excited frenzy that comes along with yelling out their intentions to pumped-up crowds. Roulette is an exciting game to begin with, and call bets definitely spice things up even further.

Regardless of the type of bets being placed in the casino around you, announced bets are universally accepted. Though only a few locations still allow call bets, those that do are certainly lively and filled with plenty of excited guests.